We are

Consist of creative individuals (two plus one).

Emi Nakano

Started her career as a fashion photographer. Through her visual orientated experiences, she also has expanded her skills as she became 3DCG producer at a creative production which powerfully utilize cutting edge technologies as they mix up Virtual Human and A.I.

Now she has a wide range of control visual expressions for the both analogue and digital fields.

Motoki Takeuchi

A consultant. He graduated from the School of Design at University of the Arts London (UAL)’s London College of Communication. After coming back in Japan, He started his career as a freelance Web Designer. Then he made transition to a producer. He contributed to Mobile Web Service, Corporate planning(Public Relations) , and new Cashless Solutions. In 2015, he established a company his own and now does an Press Secretary, Artists Management, Human Resources Manager at several companies. He always aims to empower people who has creative ambitions.

Rowland Kirishima, a beloved friend.

A photographer. He has created many works in the fields of fashion, advertising, photography and cinematography.
Besides, he has a wide range of activities as establishing a company involved in 3DCG production… Thanks boss.